Romanian Contemporary Art
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”Romanian Contemporary Art 2010 – 2020. Rethinking the Image of the World. Projects and sketches” is the first major survey of the transformations taking place in Romanian art in the last decade, focusing on the art of bright young artists with received international confirmation, as well as on significant changes perceived in the artistic practice of the more established ones. Contemporary art is more than just simple contemporaneity. It is a new way of seeing and making things seen. The radical change that helped to reinvent Romanian art in the past decade is committed to this idea. This is not only thanks to established artists who have opened up new means of expression. It is mainly driven by a generation of young Romanian artists who no longer have the direct experience of living and working under communism. Their works articulate a sense of life today, along with its own perception and discourse. One major theme for these artists is the power of technologically communicated images to control and construct reality and the experience of society. This magnificent illustrated volume picks up on this idea in order to present twenty-nine of the most innovative artists and their haunting, fascinating works of art.

Adrian Bojenoiu (*1976, Craiova) is a curator and teached Contemporary Art at the University of Bucharest. He is founder of the ElectroPutere and co-founder of Mobile Biennale.

Cristian Nae (*1979, Craiova) teaches at the National University of Arts in Iași. His research is focused on the history of exhibitions, contemporary art, and post-critical theory.

Artists / Apparatus 22, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, ALB, Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu, Dan Acostioaei, Lucian Bran, Irina Botea Bucan, Geta Bratescu, Biroul de Cercetări Melodramatice, Candidatul la Președinție, Farid Fairuz, Mihai Iepure Gorski, Cristina David, Nona Inescu, Robert Koteles, Mi Kafchin, Iulia Nistor, Adi Matei, Alex Mirutziu, Ciprian Mureșan, Andrei Nacu, Dan Perjovschi, Lia Perjovschi, Ștefan Sava, Laris Sitar, Taietzel Ticălos, Iulia Toma, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor

Text authors / Adrian Bojenoiu, Sabin Borș, Iara Boubnova, Carmen Casiuc, Ionuț Cioană, Liviana Dan, Caroline Dumalin, Bogdan Ghiu, Cătălin Gheorghe, Valentina Iancu, Jesi Khadivi, Maximilian Lehner, Anca Verona Mihuleț, Cristian Nae, Magda Radu, Daniel Ricardo Quiles, Alina Serban, Diana Ursan, Mihaela Varzari, Raluca Voinea,