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Robert Pal Koteles (b. 1975) lives and works in Salonta. He studied painting between 1993 and 1998 at the Arts University in Timișoara, in Professor Constantin’s Flondor class. In his last year of study he set up the conceptual basis of his painterly techniques. The artistic practice of Robert Pal Koteles is achieved by applying a mathematical principle — the infinite division of the square — with the aim of rendering the concept of density. This operation, which defines his entire work and is entitled Clipa ( The Moment ), is the basis of any image. More than that, Clipa is not something invented to serve an artistic game; it is the condition of possibility for artistic reality.
Selected solo exhibitions: Mater, Új Kriterion Galeria, Miercurea Ciuc, (2019); Materie, Institutul Cultural Român Viena, (2018 ); Köteles Róbert, ARCUB, Bucharest, (2017); Mater, H’art Gallery, Bucharest, (2017) Meet the artist, The Ark Ensight, Bucharest, (2016), Pending, Anca Poterasu Gallery , Bucharest (2015). Selected group exhibitions: Cristian Sida, Köteles Róbert Pál, Laurian Popa, Galerie Amarica, Paris, (2021); Colecția de artă contemporană a Palatului Mogoșoaia, Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești, Bucharest, (2020); Rethinking the Image of the World: Projects and Sketches,, Ianchelevici Museum, La Louvier (2019); În mijlocul furtunii, Galeria Anca Poterașu, Bucharest, (2019); Gărâna 8, Galeria Calpe,Timișoara, (2019); TRICOLOR, Museum of Recent Art, Bucharest, (2019); Fuzion nr.1, Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, (2018); Faith and Freedom, St. George’s Museum of Art, (2018); Variations. The same and again, ElectroPutere Gallery, Craiova, (2017), The Map Is Not The Territory, Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisabona, (2016) Bibliography:

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