Re-altering Reality
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Curator: Cătălin Ghiorghe

Artists : Lucian Bran, Johannes Hugo Stoll, Tzusoo, Andrei Timofte

The residential art program developed during 2020 by ElectroPutere from Craiova based on the exploration of some forms of artistic research with the intention to potentiate the understanding (and amplifying the knowledge) of the modality on which we are exposed to the impact of multiple forms of realteration of reality. Held in Craiova, this residential program, entitled Re-altering Reality (under construction), had as guests the artists Lucian Bran (Bucharest), Johannes Hugo Stoll (Stuttgart) and Andrei Timofte (Iași) who developed a series of contextual researches that generated a series of artworks that will be presented in an exhibition that will take place in February 2021 in the space of the Electro-Putere Gallery.

Presenting, briefly, the artistic practice of the three resident artists there can be identified creative and critical engagements in processual practices to reconsider and resignify some phenomena of the transformation of the perception or the approached reality. In his photographic practice, Lucian Bran (Bucharest) identifies hidden or ignored contextual situations that have a historical or ironic power of significance, configuring the framework of the experience of an amused perplexity. In one of his first projects (Urban Gardens), Lucian Bran discovers constructions of a habitable vegetal world located between the concrete blocks, where the inhabitants retire from city life to live in poorly arranged gardens.

In complementarity, in another project (Promised Land), different interior spaces are captured in which the central element is represented by the covering of a wall with a photographic wallpaper that includes scenes from the natural landscape. Johannes Hugo Stoll (Stuttgart) investigated over time, in his practice, the results of new forms of materiality that would shape the socio-cultural space between the means of production of capitalism and the way of consuming time. Reflecting on the processes of materialization of time in the parameters of the action of contemporary capitalism, Johannes Hugo Stoll tries to reconsider the value of time (and history) in terms of the impact that «digitality» could have on understanding the action processes of capital.

The recent research of Andrei Timofte (Iași) focuses on the creative investigation of the social fabric of desire in relation to cultural memory and the labour which is specific to both the services market and industrialism. In his documentary essays, Andrei Timofte conducts a kind of visual studies on the languages characteristic to the semiotics of consumer market that structure the new public space. ElectroPutere AIR 2020 seem to work from a rectifying perspective, to repair different altered realities during changes that had structural consequences, with impact at the level of perceiving social, natural, biological, cultural reality. The alteration of the territorial environment, of the consumption productivity flow, of the experience of the cultural public space produce new realities that artists can reverse in their work in relation to the inherent transformativeness.