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Mihai Iepure-Górski (born in 1982, Alba-Iulia, Romania) is foolish enough to believe that a single, well calculated, properly articulated gesture can, should and eventually will change the way we perceive and or understand our reality. At the same time, he is sane enough to be aware of the simple and ultimate fact that the previous affirmation is gravely overstated.
He has been trying to become and or be the recipient and producer of such gestures for the most part of the last decade with some degree of success locally and internationally. With the shadow of failure still lurking, Iepure-Górski is pushing himself by all means onto the main stage whilst making considerable efforts to abstain from using the actual methods that would take him there.
He is an Arts Academy graduate currently residing in Cluj-Napoca and working in a variety of mediums. Regarding his work, Szilárd Miklós had this to say in the #54 issue of IDEA Artă + Societate:
“Among the artists who made themselves known starting from the early 2000’s in Romania, the work of Mihai Iepure-Górski is characterized by a rare austerity of its means of expression. He is putting this language into practice in such a consequent manner, that his trajectory seems inevitable. In actuality, there is nothing natural in it. Similarly to a bug, which hits a light bulb, he produces his poetic confessions intermittently, through which he is enacting his own persona in the becoming of an artist. But, beyond this, he makes us see a subject exposed to a capturing apparatus, a technology with such a powerful force of attraction, that breaks every gesture and affect into isolated and alienated pieces. With the precision of modernist standardization and efficiency, in an almost sterile manner, he exposes often himself in front of the photo or video camera; he hides behind a text or a flag. On other occasions, those who stand in front of the camera are his friends or family members, accentuating the fact that the gesture of the cameraman is identical with that in front of the camera.”

Solo shows:

Audition for a Revolution Idea Magazine #54 / Gallery section 2019 
Luaţi, mâncaţi! White Cuib, Cluj-Napoca, Romania nov 2017 
Since we’re talking about mountains Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, Romania mar 2017 
Words in a Room, curated by Diana Marincu :BARIL Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania nov 2014 
We’re Staying Overnight (A Retrospective) Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Bucharest, Romania may 2007 

Group shows: 

Too young for memories, duo show with Răzvan Anton, ElectroPutere, Craiova, Romania nov 2019 
Rethiking the image of the world, curated by Adrian Bojenoiu and Cristian Nae, Europalia Biennale, The Mill Museum, La Louviere, Belgium nov 2019 
Command Alternative Escape, curated by the 24th edition School for Curatorial Studies Venice, Italy may 2017 
Electro-Putere AIR, curated by Silviu Padurariu Galeria ElectroPutere, Craiova, Romania sept 2016 
Art Capital: Almost Objects, curated by Lili Boros Vajda Lajos Múzeum, Szentendre, Hungary sept 2016 
Appearance & Essence, curated by Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher Art Encounters Biennial, Timisoara, Romania oct 2015
European Travellers – Art from Cluj today, curated by Judit Angel Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary apr 2012